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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Am I selfish?!


Is it that the world around me has turned selfish?!

.. Sometimes such questions trouble me, make me think and leave me in a confused state of mind with unanswered questions. Even if I choose to answer them, it will end me up nowhere. If I conclude with 'I’m selfish’, it shows I’m a pessimist. but if a choose the second option, 'Considering' that others are selfish... I’ll be left with no other awful thing to do! It will be like following the 'offense is the best defense' policy !

Recently, I happened to call a friend of mine.

Call 1 -

Me: Hey! :) How are you doing?

She: I'm fine, good ! So...

Me: you should tell me... howz life and et al?!

She: Ya, great... what else? Tell me up?

(Basically, she meant what’s UR purpose of calling?)

ME: Nothing much... Just called to say 'Hi'!

..Though this call went on for sometime, I hated the way it started. Is it that nowadays people don’t call each other without a purpose? Can’t a friend just call to find out how the other is doing?

Clearly & thankfully, the answer to such questions is 'NO.'
But it just hurts to be at the receiving end!

Call 2-

Me: Hieee :)

She: Hey, how are you?

Me: I'm fine. How about you?

She: fine, when did you come?

ME: Yesterday morning...

She: okay... so, tell me...

Me: Ah, Nothing... just thought of saying a Hi.


Not Again!

Now, I don’t know if it’s me who is fussing over it too much!!
Don’t know if it’s completely right to ask always the caller immediately the 'purpose' of the call. To me, it’s just an odd feeling, which people gift unknowingly.


May be, I should just start Accepting things rather than Expecting!


The Deep Contrast

Sunday, August 19, 2007

.. I was 'busy' checking my not so very important mails, when a guy approached me from behind and wished "Hello Maam!!". It took me a second to realize that he was one of my ex-colleagues, who had recently quit the company. He had come with an invitation card. It was his wedding card.

First, He invited me courteously for his wedding. Then the next thing what he said, made me ponder. Even before I could ask what the girl did, from where she was, he said "you know the girl"!
I started wondering who this person could be... but before I could flex my brains, he said he was tying the knot with Ratna (name changed).

Though the name sounded familiar, I wasn't sure if the lady whom I was thinking about was the same. To help me out he took out his mobile, to show the picture of the woman he was all set to marry. The moment I saw the picture, I recognized her. In the pic, Ratna was holding a kid. Not knowing how to continue with the conversation, I asked him "Who is this Kid”?!
Without taking more than a second he answered ".. She is widow".

That single sentence was enough to tell me about their story. The story of Ratna, her kid and the new person in her life.

To me it was commendable cuz not everyone is Arun Nayar or Liz Hurley. These people are not from the High Society. But from the class, to which to the common man belongs to… the Middle class.

But unfortunately, not every time everyone is lucky…

Recently, my friend was talking about her cousin who had been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, after an year of married life. The Girl's Parents didn’t want their son-in-law to carry 'the burden' as they thought they were newly married and he had a long way to go in his life ! Finally, it was left to the guy to make a decision about his life.

He decided and decided to say quits.
The fairy tale ended with a Divorce.

I wonder what the girl would have done if her husband was in her position... Taken care of her husband or just abandoned him?

Considering and keeping in mind the Indian society, the culture, I’ll am sure the woman would have stood by her man. At least, thats what happens most commonly in most of the cases, specifically the middle class.

I am not blaming the society or the guy for what he did… Cuz 'to judge' who is right, who should have done what and what not, will be the easiest thing to do.. I’ll just leave it here depicting the Deep contrast in our society...

If you see closely and happen to see an unlucky divorcee on one side, you'll definitely end up seeing a 'Lucky' widow on the other.. !

Best Wishes.

ALL work NO play

Monday, July 23, 2007
Nowadays, I'm more or less in this situation..

But, I'll be back soon ! :)

Till then,
Take care ;)

Cute S/W Guy & Life !

Friday, June 29, 2007

Software Guy


Lyrics Kum ??

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Not Glass
Not Stole
Cold air is also against us
Mother in law
Its so chilly take somebody's guilt go and take fire from neighbours stove
Lit up the ciggi from liver oh lover
There is lot of fire in the liver
Daan Doong Dudung Daan Doong Dudung......
Do not take out smoke from the lips dont take out the smoke from the lips
The world is very crooked
Lit up the ciggi from the liver oh lover
There is lot of fire in the liver
Its so chilly take somebody's guilt go and take fire from neighbours stove
Take fire from neighbours stove

Not Glass
Not Stole
Cold air is also against us
Mother in law
Its so chilly take somebody's guilt go and take fire from neighbours stove
Take fire from neighbours stove
Yeah Yeah
Not Crime
Not Chaos
Without sin died ..

… Wondering if I started poetry.. ?? :o

Relax! I haven’t.
Let me assure you, even if that happens one day, it will not be as disastorous as this one.
Getting back to the vacuous lines .. If it’s not poetry, then what is it?!

Any idea ?!
NO ??
(For the benefit of doubt I’ll imagine you have no clue ! :P)
… it’s a Song, rather few lines from a song.

Surprised ?!

Well, Don’t be !! Cuz this is how the songs are written nowadays!
It’s the exact translation of one of the Hindi songs in English.. “Beedi jalayi le”.. ( If you listen to Hindi music you will be familiar with this song).

If we concentrate on the songs that are written nowadays, I feel just anyone can become a lyricist overnight. If incase one day, my boss kicks me out of my current job, I’ll definitely try this option! Cuz’ the only thing that plays a key role in making a song HIT, is the usage of the correct “foreground process”. By “foreground process”, I mean here the right portion of “Latkaas n Zhatkaas”, the right girl and the proper beats.

Gone are the days when a Lyricist used to spend hours together to come up with a beautiful song… but now it’s a way simpler… Be Arabic, French or anything.. All that matters “the crazy Janta” is the “Beats” (n music) and NOT the lyrics. There used to be one time when Heroines draped in colourful sarees / body hugging salwars, with their appealing buns at the zenith used to jump around the trees and bushes n sing “meaningful” songs.. with their Heroes, who used to be clad in multi-coloured shirts n tight pants!

But now, it’s different.
Times have changed and so have the ways to evince the feelings …For example, earlier if a heroine wanted to profess her love, she would take her own sweet time to blush and sing sensuously –

Chura liya hai tumne jo Dilko..; nazar nahin churaana sanam..

But NOW, it’s Direct! :D
Today’s modern “Naari” chooses to jump around here n there and sing –

“Crazy kiya re..” !!
“Crazy kiya re..” !!

Or If I optimistically start looking at the changes the lyricists have brought in, I find that women are being portrayed as Daring & Dashing.
Earlier, to seduce a hero, the heroine would shyly sing –

“ Nahi nahi, abhi nahi thoda karo intezaar..”

.. and make the poor guy wait.
Btw, did the poor guy have any other choice other than waiting ??
Anyway, But NOW –
She has changed and no more a coy. She uses a direct and a faster approach by singing -

“Touch me… don’t touch…oh touch me soniya!”

… Even though she initially confuses the hero but at the end “Asks for what She wants” !!

Hope this healthy trend continues without fading Lyricism, Cuz’ for music lovers like me, only good Lyrics can quench the thirst.

Will the Crazy girls woo the crazy audience with some non-crazy “lyrics” next time ?!
... I guess to answer this, we will have to sit back and watch!

A Girl named She

Sunday, April 22, 2007

It was a pleasant night, when She was walking on the road. She was happy; she had all the reasons to be. She was in her own world; walking briskly towards her destination. Everything seemed to be perfect, moving smoothly according to her plan of action.
She wore a smile.

All of sudden, something happened, something which made her day seem like a roller-coaster ride, something which instantaneously wiped her smile off her face, something which she had not planned or expected, something which others called as an unfortunate ‘incident/accident’, something which shook her so completely n firmly that it made her cry. She cried not cuz’ the incident had hurt her but all cuz’ she didn’t have a gun that night…

That night, a ******* had zoomed next to her in his bike, spitting on her purposely and vanishing into the dark.

The question here is -
"what could she have done without a Gun or a Super-bike?! "

What She did, was what she could. She decided not telling her loved ones about it cuz’ she knew it would hurt them more. Keeping in mind, that the almighty had not blessed her with the facility to “undo” any operation in her life… she washed, simply washed her face completely, thoroughly. She listened to those who tried consoling her, who wanted to comfort her; but deep within, she continued thinking about the burning scar, the unknown lunatic had given…

She wished and only wished for a gun that night.

Question Hour

Friday, March 23, 2007

The word politics is derived from the word "poly" meaning many and "ticks" meaning blood sucking parasites ~ Dave Barry

Funny, isn’t it?!


(Ok, the ones who found the quote funny, please proceed further and for those who did not, proceed any which way! :P )

* Does Karunanidhi wear night vision goggles?? If yes, is an all green world more interesting ?!

* Will the Politicians ever earn 6-figure salary OFFICIALLY?

* Is Women's Reservation Bill = Men's Insecurity feeling??

* When will Laloo Prasad Yadav become the Prime Minister of our Country?! I'm looking forward to that day.

How will Priyanka Gandhi look with long hair style?

* Will Atal Bihari Vajpayee ever say...

“Yeh … * silence * acchi baat hai ” ?? Eh?

* When will the most eligible spinsters of Indian Politics (Mamta n Maya, of course!) get married?

...Just Curious :)

* Will Aish dive into politics after marriage n kids??

Cuz’ according to the theory of relativity now a days:
Beauty Pageant --> Acting --> Politics

* " Mamta Ka Gussa kab Thandaa Hogaa " ?? :l

* How will Abdul Kalam look in Step-Cut?? I think it will suit his silky-hair-type.
What say ?

* When will the fans in Lok Sabha start rotating faster?! Will they be ever be replaced/repaired??

r reading my political rambling patiently :)

I am Getting Married

Monday, February 26, 2007

Actually, I am Not.
But this is what my friend said when he called up. It was quite unexpected ; Hez just 22 . For convenience, I'll call him K.

* My mobile starts Singing errrr... Ringing *

Me : Hello ...
K : Hi !!! How are you ?!
Me : Hieeeeeee !! * with those extra 'e's *
I'm fine, How about u? :D
How come u dialed this number ?!
Any Good news ?! Getting Married ?!? ;P :D

K : Hey, actually Yes ! :)
Me : HUH ?! WHAT ?! Are u kidding , U serious ?
K : YES , i am getting married *this time firmly*

*awkward silence*
Me : ahhmmm, errrr... Is it ?!
Are u sure ?! :-? (I know that was kinda weird to ask !!)

K : Yes !! Really... I'm serious
Me: Cool re, Congrats !! :)
K : Thanks !! :)

Me : So...what does the girl do ?? working ?
K : Yeah, shez working , Software engineer... Same age.
Me : Wow!! Thats even better ! ;)

*then the free 'gyan'(knowledge); Knowledge Transfer!!*
It's really good that u've decided to get married (so) early in life ;
Especially with someone of the same age group ... I'm so happy for you..
Hearty Congratulations ! :D
K: Thank you so much ... :D

K : U tell me, When are U getting married ?? :D *teasingly*

Me : ME ??! :o
No Way!!
...Not now, not atleast for the next 4-5 years...
When i get married, i am sure u'll come with your kids ( n wife ofcourse) !! :P

*laughs* adap paavee (U naughty in Tamil ?!) :D :D
ME: hahaha !!

K : ok fine, when will u be coming to bang ?!
I wanna personally meet and invite u , will come to ur place and give the invitation card..
Me : Oh sure, I will be coming this weekend.
K : Fine..

Hey!! Atleast let me tell you the date ; I want U to surely make it to the wedding ... :)

Me: Obviously dear!! I will .
NO doubt about that...
when is it ?! :)

*Suspense,Excitement; I wait with my mouth open; he happens to be my one of my best pals*
K : First April


: l
*straight face*

Me : U fool!! U Idiot !! How dare U !?

I 'll kill you, wait until i catch u the next time !!

...By Then K was almost rolling on the floor...(no prizes for guessing y! :P )

He laughed :D
I Laughed :D
WE laughed

I would like to thank ALL the smileys, who made this post look so colourful :)
...without them, Life would be so difficult !

The Land of Coconuts

Monday, February 05, 2007
When it comes to traveling, even my ‘lazy’ base forgets that it is lazy.

3 days, 2 nights
Places Covered: Cochin & Munnar
Budget: It’s Free, yes FREE !! (If ur Dad happens to be ur ATM)

…We chose the bus as our mode of transport. After traveling for around eleven hours, what I first saw in Cochin was the rising sun. Crimson red reflection on the waters of Periyar(Aluva); big hoardings, advertising gold and sarees; churches filled with Sunday masses; serene atmosphere; was the first impression of this lovely place. Finally, I had made it to Kerala, one place that I always wanted to visit…

I’ll bag the Pulitzer or Noble if I don’t stop (ok, now at least let me live in delusion for sometime )!! I want to give my “Uncut Diamonds” a chance!!

What I Just Loved about Kerala:

  • The People
  • Boats (Kettuvallam (Houseboat), Speed boat)
  • The Pristine Nature
  • Banana chips
  • Coconut trees
  • The Tapered roof

Places that I visited:

  • Vaikom - the House boat & circling 26 Islands; Where the Guide pointed to one of the islands n said confidently “…on that island, 4 families stay…”. We nodded like good school students. I mean even if he had told us that one the elephants on that island gave birth to a donkey by mistake, we had no other go; but to nod (with no option to cross check).

  • Munnar - Hilly Terrain, the Tea gardens (I wanted to roll on them; I still want to; Hope i will one day)
  • Mattupetty Lake & the Speed Boat
  • Cherai Beach
  • Synagogue n the Dutch Museum
    It has a * Phoren Effect *

    The streets give the “not in India” effect. More foreigners, less Indians

What’s different in Kerala:

  • Jeera Water (water which has been boiled with some Jeera(cumin seeds) in it)
  • Vegetables are costlier than fishes.
  • MG Road is deserted on Sundays and almost ALL shops are closed

What I can’t forget about Kerala:

  • The Waiter, he banged the coffee cups on our table. I guess he was unhappy cuz we wanted coffee ONLY.
  • The Guide, who enlightened us with the knowledge like - “this is the Tulsi Plant”!!
  • Masala Dosas, which I struggled to finish cuz’ I didn’t quite like the taste of coconut oil.
  • The Battle which I fought with the Battalion of Mosquitoes.
    Sadly, They Won :(
  • But Hey!! I did manage to take “My khoon ka badlaa”(Revenge for my Blood?!) by massacring 4 Mosquitoes in the bathroom the next day.

What one should NOT forget when going to Kerala:

  • Camera
  • Dhoti (or a colourful Lungi)
  • Mosquito Repellent. (Thanks to which I survived the second night! :))
  • Purpose of writing this post:
    Fighting Boredom in Office. Blogging is better than reading JSP.

    Love :)