No. 17

Sunday, December 24, 2006

"Once is an accident, twice is coincidence, and three times is enemy action."

I'm not here to write about Auric Goldfinger; neither the flick nor the novel. It’s about the coincidences or the accidents I have had with the number 17 (Can't say if it's time for some enemy action !).

According to Numerology, 8(1+7) stands for "Involution and Evolution, for cycles of ebb and flow, infinity, rhythm, advancement, strength and confidence". Don't know whether to believe it or to infer anything form it.

I have had a long "association" with this number 17. Actually, never had a choice. The number has stuck to me. As far as I remember, it started from my school days. My roll number was 17 in my Higher secondary classes. My Engg. Roll turned out to be something ending with 17 Again... (6 years, same roll number).
Finished Engg. joined a company. Again here, suprisingly enough, the Bay I was allotted (in my office) is 17 . If I look back, 17th of Feb. of some year (not sure) , was the day when I felt the sky had fallen on me. I remember, crying a river that day.

Don't know about the future, what else is in store for me(of course something linked/related to 17)? Will I have 17 people in my life (Hopefully not)!? Will I get married on the 17th day of some month?! Will I change 17 companies ? Don't know... Let me stop my wild mind from going wild about 17 cuz' may be it’s just my imagination , speculation. I wasn't born on 17th ( just missed it by one day)... may be I should just wait...wait for the beautiful coincidences to occur with 17.

*Will analyze later (and amend this post accordingly) *

I think I have used too many 17s in this post. Just for the perfect ending, let me make the count perfect.
Including the heading, this post contains 17 17s!
*wink* ;)

Keep smiling :)