Smile :-)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Some things always bring a smile on our face; Like ...
  • The infectious smile of an Innocent child
  • Unexpected rain on a hot arid day
  • Seeing that someone special
  • The old Photographs
  • Reading the old Hand written letters
  • Walking bare foot on the lush green grass!
  • Sitting on the terrace and watching the world
  • Seeing People
  • Floating in water!
  • Breathing deeply with your arms wide open
  • A warm Hug
  • Watching a baby sleep..
  • The feeling after finishing the last exam! :)
  • Watching people eat "Center-shock" chewing gum !! :D
  • The waves kissing the shore!
  • Dancing, like no one is watching!
  • Seeing an old couple in a movie theater packed with youngsters
  • Seeing a young couple doing a cozy dance at night, in the beach!
  • Running on sand
  • Singing loudly on the beach with the ear phones on!
  • Swatting mosquitoes with the electric bat! :D
  • Watching the crimson orange Sun, which is all set to set!
  • Making others smile!

Smile on,
Loads of Love!! :)


Saturday, March 14, 2009
I sms
He/she sms-es the same sms
Then, that's called a "Forward" !

I remember, in College days, I used to send at least 100 sms per day and sometimes even wait till midnight to get the next day's free 100 sms!
Those olden golden days are gone! But certain forwarded messages still do end up exciting me once in while. Last weekend, I got this forward -

"Describe me in one word using first letter of your name"

And I forwarded it to people and got few Interesting replies like -
"Sweet, Mast-mast, Audacious, Adoring, Gifted, Knowledgeable, Scintillating, Masak-kalee"
*well, who doesn't like being praised ??* :)

Then came More Interesting ones from the wicked ones! -
"Saand" (meaning Bull in Hindi) , Pig :D:D:D:D:D:D (with smileys attached)

And finally, Last but not the least, the Best-Worst-Insulting-Description Award goes to this friend of mine, whom i call KP

*our conversation*

Me - So what do say, describe me in one word!
KP - Hmmm.. I cannot call you "Kind"
Me - Areyyy!! Why nottttttttttttt??
KP - Because I have never seen you .. doing anything ... "KIND" !!
Me - HUH! What an insult!!
KP - I cannot call you "Kiddish"
Me - Well, I am ok with that ! Anything else you can think of?

KP - And yes I obviously cannot call you "KINGKONG" !! :D :D
Me - What!?? OFCOURSE NOT!! I think i made a mistake by asking you this question !! :(

*after a while*

KP - Hey! I think I can call you "Kool", with the 'K' in the cool
Me - Oh ya? something like "Amul kool" ?!
KP - How about this one, "Knock-Down-Beauty"??? :D
Me - Grrrr.. enough, lets get back to work!!