A Tribute

Saturday, November 29, 2008

My heart goes out to the brave soldiers, their families and to all my the fellow Indians. Lets keep the fire burning and let not the sacrifice go waste this time.

A Soldier is Never Dead, until and unless he is forgotten ...
God bless!


Thursday, November 06, 2008
A Joint venture,
A shared account,
An Output of 2 idle minds..!


Turn-off Factor

Saturday, September 20, 2008
It's been 5 minutes that he left my place.
But I still feel his presence. Wonder if its the centralized AC which
makes me feel that way or just the stupid nose of mine which is not letting go the air it breathed just few minutes ago.

'He', my colleague just walked over to say the final Good bye before quitting the company. Everything was fine until he opened his mouth. I literally had to push my chair 4 feet back from it's original position. The gush of wind can have so much of an impact.
BAD breath !!
God! It's such a turn off factor!!

How can one not know how to brush properly ?? Is it the lack of Dentist camps in school days which make people careless ? or is it simply laziness ?!

How can the 'close' friends, parents, relatives choose not to complain ? Don't they find it disgusting?
If not them, who can really tell them that they need to see the dentist IMMEDIATELY for a clean up!?
God Bless ALL.

Did Sleeping beauty have the habit of brushing twice?!
I'll assume she did; otherwise Prince charming wouldn't have cared, dared or even risked a kiss!

What should i name this now ??

Sunday, September 07, 2008
I am bad at Naming! Be it for a pet, a post or a blog. I feel it's something i am absolutely bad at!!
I struggle (n struggle n struggle). But never find a name that satisfies me (or others

Initially, I had named my blog
krypticsilence, with a justification that 'silence is cryptic'!! Though that's true but the name originated from the fact that i was reading 'Cryptography' that time, when the lightning struck and i decided to name my blog krypticsilence!

Well past is past and it's swirlingchocolate now (I know, i know, u know cuz u are already here reading all this!).

Let me end this gibberish post with an highly uninteresting pic of swirlingchocolate.

Love :)

Bachna ae Haseeno!!

.. No shpelling mistake there, just some original lingual mishtake from the guy who was selling the tickets in black!
Got the tickets in black, but it was worth it. Jam packed theatre, with crowd hooting every now and then, made it even more entertaining!

I call this movie a typical ‘Bollywood Masala’.
The Exotic locations, catchy songs, one Hero with looks and skills, overly flaunted with 3 beautiful ladies! Does the director need anything more to make the movie a hit? (Of course, he needs a Producer!!)

So what’s the story all about?!
Simple, it’s Bhel Puri of DDLJ, Salaam Namaste and Yashraj magic.
Ranbir Kapoor (Raj) seems to have only one goal – Woo woman, whoever walks into his life by chance, by mistake. He impresses and wins over, but only to ditch them later. When his ‘original’ love gets rejected, he realises his mistakes and decides to go tell them ‘Sorry’.
Though the story is most of the times predictable it keeps the viewers entertained. Surely, a ‘paisa-wasool’ flick.

One thing I find common in Yashraj movies is ‘the Decade history for a ticket’ – What I mean is the story in the movie will start in 1996 and but end after a decade. Remember, Veer (SRK) waiting for Zaara (Preity) for 20 years? *yawn*

Anyway, I would rate this one 7.5/10
Why 7.5? (Especially that .5?)

1. Cuz’ I took a mean of 7 and 8.
2. The Exotic locations! Colourful Songs!
3. Aging of Ranbir looks natural in the movie. With specs and formals he looks older.
4. For Kunal Kapoor :D :D

The So- So factor about the movie?
1. The Reel-Real couple
2. The predictable storyline
3. The Theatre seats!! :|

Go ahead, watch it if you still haven’t!
Cyaaaa ! :)

Jaane Tu (about the review) ...Ya Jaane na ??

Saturday, July 05, 2008
.. If not, let me throw a little light on the subject.
Just watched Aamir's latest production 'Jaane Tu..Ya Jaane na', more popularly known as just 'Jaane tu..'.

The theater was jam packed with mostly the college going crowd (all thanks to the timely release, where students are just done with their exams!).
Imran Khan's cute innocent look and smile happens to do the magic, especially with the female audience! He surely has proven his potential and acting capabilities. Genelia looks charming as ever. Definitely, a great launching platform for the new star in making!

But still, i would rate the movie
6 on 10.

.. Now, That's because of the weak storyline which has nothing 'extra ordinary' to offer. It disappoints especially those who enter the theater with a lot of expectations! The first half is boring and dragging. The second half catches up a little with some action and drama; this will surely keep you awake!! The movie fails to make it to the top spot because of it's much 'expected' twists in the story. But even then, the fresh faces are refreshing to watch!

What i Liked -
The 2 'catchy' songs and the 'New' Khan

What i Disliked!
1. The Lyrics
2. The jokes, most of which were not even close to being funny

Will i watch it again ?!
Hmmm.. All Depends on the company i have the next time!! *wink* ;)

Is it worth Watching ?
.. If u have got absolutely nothing to do in the weekend and have no hopes from the movie, movie maker or whosoever.. Go watch it.
It's a decent bollywood flick.


The ink on my finger!

Sunday, May 11, 2008
At last!
I used the right i have been gifted with - 'The Right to vote' ! :)

Like any other first time voter, i too had my apprehensions about the procedure of voting. I had questions like -
- How to vote?
- What's the procedure?
- Which button to press!?

I felt like a child. It made me feel as if i was standing in a queue for an exam or a viva voce..!
But at the end, except for the looooooong beep from voting machine which made me feel a little scared, rest all turned out to be simple and fine.
(Now, that was because i had pressed and held the button too long)

.. the ink on my finger fades away but i wanted to put here for rememberance.

Have u voted?
Write to me if u need some coaching classes on that.
It's absolutely FREE !! :D

What to gift ??

Sunday, May 04, 2008
When it comes to deciding 'Birthday' & 'Anniversary' Gifts, I really do
sweat for the small stuff. Be it a for a guy or girl, I never find it easy to come up with the best Gift !

Plus, I feel one has to be carefully choosing 'gifts'. I feel classify them broadly into two different categories - Personal and General.

Personal -
For the dear ones... people whom you can gift just anything! Gifting 'Perfumes/Deo/Shirts/T-Shirts' to your colleagues can be risky, as it gives them a chance to draw unnecessary conclusions! ;-)

4 May is approaching and I struggle to find the 'Ideal' gift for my dear friend. I seek my other 'Resourceful' friend and ask him for his suggestions. Our Conversation -

Me - Do you guys like the idea of flowers?
He - Naaaaaaah!! We don’t!!
We generally like stuff which is "Useful”!

Me - yeah, I understand... even I don’t understand why guys think girls always like Teddy's. receiving 3 'Teddy's' on a single birthday can make one really crazy!
So what else can u suggest?

He - Shaving kit
Me - Okay... what else?
How about Perfume/Deo?
He - Yeah... Deos are the best!
Me - o k .. He might like it then..
He - Pen
He - Comb
Me - :|
How will I know the kind of 'Comb' he likes/wants!!

He - Does he play any instrument?
Me - Naah! He is not that talented!! :P

@ My Friend whoz birthday is approaching - Don't kill me for this, I just meant you don't play instruments!!)

Me - Nail Polish?? ;D
He - :
Me - Don't you guys have such fantasies like applying some weird color on your nails, ever?? :D
He - NO !!

Back to square one !!

I ended up getting few more ideas like-
- Books
- Clothes
- Accessories - sounds good!
- Bottle of champagne ( No idea if he has tried that before! )
- T Shirts

But when it comes to gifting people abroad, sending gifts online is i guess the best. If you have run out time/cash, you can definitely look for some e-cards.
Now that's what I finally settled for :
( but, I do intend to pay back with interest next time :) )

.. Happy Birthday Dear!! :D
This post is especially for to you :)
Lots of love

The Ladies Loo

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Hi! Does anyone still come here? Don't know about you but at last I am here after a very long time.

Q: So what kept me away?
1. Work?
2. WORK!
3. All of the Above

Naah! It’s Simple... it's the fourth option - My laziness! :D

Anyway, Bad that I am back. Because that means more silly stuff from my end.

If it's about life, I am sure my dear readers will come back with Long POSTS in my comment box (Right?!) :)
If it's about jokes... Well... I am not worried them 'cuz nobosy understands them usually other than me. (Now FYI - that was another joke)

Getting back to business - "The Ladies Loo"

.. It's the book which brings me here (which I found had a more interesting title than the content!). "The Men's Guide to the Women's Bathroom" - Interesting? The book will definitely interest guys more as the author writes about the things what we, ladies generally do in the Women's loo. I mean the "other" things than the usual business.

Like -
1. Gossip about the latest flicks. How bad they are or at least for what and why we like hero(s) more than heroine(s).
2. About cosmetics, Clothes, Jewellery...
3. About Guys :) Yes, I accept we do!
4. Attend Calls. I mean especially the important 'Phone' calls!!
5. Crib about anything like the AC, Food, Boss. Now, this place is safe ONLY if one doesn't have a Lady Boss! :)
... Blah Blah.

Whatever it is, I am sure the Girl's Loo is definitely a more relaxing one than the Guy's!

Q: What makes me say that?

1. You will never find any author coming up with book titled "The Women's Guide to the Men's Bathroom"! :
2. Personal experience - ALL Thanks to the Misleading Toilet Signs, I happened to visit this place once.
3. All of the Above?

Ans - Option 3.

Luckily, 'this' place was empty. I call it 'Lucky' because finding something there could had been definitely more embarrassing!!