Confessions of a Confused mind

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Am I selfish?!


Is it that the world around me has turned selfish?!

.. Sometimes such questions trouble me, make me think and leave me in a confused state of mind with unanswered questions. Even if I choose to answer them, it will end me up nowhere. If I conclude with 'I’m selfish’, it shows I’m a pessimist. but if a choose the second option, 'Considering' that others are selfish... I’ll be left with no other awful thing to do! It will be like following the 'offense is the best defense' policy !

Recently, I happened to call a friend of mine.

Call 1 -

Me: Hey! :) How are you doing?

She: I'm fine, good ! So...

Me: you should tell me... howz life and et al?!

She: Ya, great... what else? Tell me up?

(Basically, she meant what’s UR purpose of calling?)

ME: Nothing much... Just called to say 'Hi'!

..Though this call went on for sometime, I hated the way it started. Is it that nowadays people don’t call each other without a purpose? Can’t a friend just call to find out how the other is doing?

Clearly & thankfully, the answer to such questions is 'NO.'
But it just hurts to be at the receiving end!

Call 2-

Me: Hieee :)

She: Hey, how are you?

Me: I'm fine. How about you?

She: fine, when did you come?

ME: Yesterday morning...

She: okay... so, tell me...

Me: Ah, Nothing... just thought of saying a Hi.


Not Again!

Now, I don’t know if it’s me who is fussing over it too much!!
Don’t know if it’s completely right to ask always the caller immediately the 'purpose' of the call. To me, it’s just an odd feeling, which people gift unknowingly.


May be, I should just start Accepting things rather than Expecting!