Jaane Tu (about the review) ...Ya Jaane na ??

Saturday, July 05, 2008
.. If not, let me throw a little light on the subject.
Just watched Aamir's latest production 'Jaane Tu..Ya Jaane na', more popularly known as just 'Jaane tu..'.

The theater was jam packed with mostly the college going crowd (all thanks to the timely release, where students are just done with their exams!).
Imran Khan's cute innocent look and smile happens to do the magic, especially with the female audience! He surely has proven his potential and acting capabilities. Genelia looks charming as ever. Definitely, a great launching platform for the new star in making!

But still, i would rate the movie
6 on 10.

.. Now, That's because of the weak storyline which has nothing 'extra ordinary' to offer. It disappoints especially those who enter the theater with a lot of expectations! The first half is boring and dragging. The second half catches up a little with some action and drama; this will surely keep you awake!! The movie fails to make it to the top spot because of it's much 'expected' twists in the story. But even then, the fresh faces are refreshing to watch!

What i Liked -
The 2 'catchy' songs and the 'New' Khan

What i Disliked!
1. The Lyrics
2. The jokes, most of which were not even close to being funny

Will i watch it again ?!
Hmmm.. All Depends on the company i have the next time!! *wink* ;)

Is it worth Watching ?
.. If u have got absolutely nothing to do in the weekend and have no hopes from the movie, movie maker or whosoever.. Go watch it.
It's a decent bollywood flick.