Thursday, November 16, 2006
"Happy Birthday!!!"

"Thanks"! :D
( I Should have counted the number of times I used this 6 letter word today, I guess we all do).

My first B'day away from Home; wasn't bad at all. My friends, Family, Acquaintances made it special. Never felt I was away from home...

Moti, My official TP ( time pass ), Crime Partner, @$££m, Pallu, KS, KMR, Sandeep(an), A(Jay), Aks, AK - 47, Money, Champak( who calls me "brother"), Devil( alias 6'2 , for the obvious reason taht he is 6'2), Pooooo, Funny, Mahesh, Praveen, Sumalatha(chutki), Lata, Senti, GoPal, Paul(wesley, oh plutonian!), Sunny1, Sunny2, Lingy Chandra, Vasanthi, Mallika, Satish, Satish(da), Honal(who?!), Shankar, Silly Sanal, Durga, Dinesh, Syed, Archana, ABV, Khich-Khich, Lydia, Abrar(I share my B'day with this guy) , Guru, Deepak, Deepa, Sushmita, Sushil, Veena, Tatha, Nithya, Raktimo Mitro Princo(sona), Alter Ego, Krishhh, Raghul(yeah not Rahul)...
* Few of the names which i can recollect *
Made my day. Most of them called up( Now, i have an idea how it feels to work @ a call center), few of them made it sure they were physically present to apply the Birthday face pack (the cake). But i was spared. ( Great escape!) ;)

It's an incomplete list. I had written it long time back, had abandoned it. Thought of not posting it. But , here it goes.
Blog shows the post to be posted on 16th, Correction it was on 17th.


The River of Thoughts

Thursday, November 09, 2006
"Drive like Hell & you will be there! "
- Courtesy : Border Roads Organization

I use the company bus to commute every (working) day to office ( whose driver is known for his rash driving "skills”!) . Thought it would be just another day, but something within said no. All of a sudden, the bus stopped. My curiosity made me get up (oh lazy Me!!) & check what had gone wrong. Unfortunately, the bus had hit a motorist...
Within seconds, the mood n the moral of the passengers had changed. There was an awkward silence.
Damn !!
"What a Way to Start the Day"!!

Most of us are blessed with something called the "photographic memory"(Thanks AC!). The brain tends to capture the special moments - Happy, sad, rare... as if the brain maintains a separate "folder" for storing the memoirs in form of pictures.
What I saw; is still fresh in my mind-the injured, lying unconscious and being helped by a passer-by, who struggled to lift him. The pedestrians near by, literally rushed to attend the injured. Within minutes, he was taken to the hospital. I couldn't stop myself from thinking about his family; the keys roles he had been playing (presuming) father, brother, son, husband, friend?! When I told my friend about the unpleasant incident, he was quick enough in saying- "At least He was lucky enough to be taken to a hospital"!
How True?!

I can recollect so many such incidents where the victims weren't that lucky. When people around didn’t care, didn't bother. Even on a busy railway platform, where a guy lay unattended in his own pool of blood for a long time, after being "hit" by a local train (in Mumbai) . Loot, eve teasing, person being stabbed to death in broad daylight, or even Raped. Don't know about the people who commit such crimes. Wonder how one gets sleep after committing such horrendous crimes! Is it that they are born without the vital organs, kardia? Or is it that they don't have the words like "guilt", "shame", "pity","love", "compassion", "kindness" embedded in their dictionaries?!
God !!
Let me share here an incident, where I saw this man in his 50’s, lying on the road after he had suffered an epileptic attack. I remember his helplessness. The time when the body is not in sync with the mind. He was shivering, struggling, almost begging for help. All he wanted were strong-arms which could hold him firmly, some tool to which he could cling on. Vehicles passed by, people didn’t care. They saw, ignored and moved on. May be, they were all getting "late". That day, I felt ashamed of calling myself a native of 'that' place. I wanted to scream; wanted to ask them, if they had ever heard of words like "humanity", "unconditional love", "sympathy"... I stopped my vehicle, took out the tool from the deck and ran to give it to the person who had come to assist the old man.
...At least, one had come forward to help!
God Bless the Rest.

My Driver drove like Hell & I am here.
I digressed.

The Log

Sunday, November 05, 2006

/* A log - writing it when I’m jobless( @ work) & unsure about my night's trip to Bangalore (Yes! will call it by the same name - till my last breath) */

Uncertainty, is a part of life (huh! hope I’ll learn to cope with it one day!) Now, why the hell am I blogging about it ?! Cuz' I 'm being selfish here, killing time. "Official" pack off time here is 5:45. "Unofficially", the CEO will never mind - even if it goes on for 24 hours.

3:55 p.m: Got nearly 2 hours to kill. I am desperate, one tends to miss their loved ones more when they are not around...*BEEP* luckily, my mobile buzzes. It’s a friend (or an acquaintance?) - asking me to join for a cup of coffee. I get intoxicated on coffee n chocolate. I really need it @ this point of time... So Coffee Time!

4:30: still not sure. Oops! My PL and his friend just passed by. Hope he didn’t see me blogging...
We are supposed to work when @ work. My lazy (crook) teammate had "advised" me once - "Even if u are not working, ACT as if u are!!" WOW (what an advice)! Anyway, time to check some (junk) mails.

4:50: AH!! The doubt, uncertainty still remains. I decide on bugging my friend TP, with some messages. Nowadays; mobiles have become a necessity, days are gone when it used to be a luxury.

5:05: It's noisy here; I can hear the buses coming from the parking area to the entrance, which reminds me of the Doppler effect (7th class?). People in my bay are excited - cuz' the weekend is here. Hope even I will leave my cubicle today with the same excitement, same feeling.

* Fingers Crossed *

5:25: while I am typing this crap, my "neighbour"(adjacent cubicle), joins me ... I discover something - SMILE on her face... :)

At last, NowI know ... I AM going home...!

Cya :D