A Girl named She

Sunday, April 22, 2007

It was a pleasant night, when She was walking on the road. She was happy; she had all the reasons to be. She was in her own world; walking briskly towards her destination. Everything seemed to be perfect, moving smoothly according to her plan of action.
She wore a smile.

All of sudden, something happened, something which made her day seem like a roller-coaster ride, something which instantaneously wiped her smile off her face, something which she had not planned or expected, something which others called as an unfortunate ‘incident/accident’, something which shook her so completely n firmly that it made her cry. She cried not cuz’ the incident had hurt her but all cuz’ she didn’t have a gun that night…

That night, a ******* had zoomed next to her in his bike, spitting on her purposely and vanishing into the dark.

The question here is -
"what could she have done without a Gun or a Super-bike?! "

What She did, was what she could. She decided not telling her loved ones about it cuz’ she knew it would hurt them more. Keeping in mind, that the almighty had not blessed her with the facility to “undo” any operation in her life… she washed, simply washed her face completely, thoroughly. She listened to those who tried consoling her, who wanted to comfort her; but deep within, she continued thinking about the burning scar, the unknown lunatic had given…

She wished and only wished for a gun that night.