Here I Go!!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Disclaimer: This nut (or should I call myself a blogger officially?!) is not to be blamed if you find the following blog to be a shear waste of time and effort.

Blog ?!
It sounded Greek n Latin for the very first time. One of my sweetest friends ever (my "Confession Box") introduced me to this new world. The only place where i guess, people love to read and write ( I am sure most of them hated it when were required to do so in their Alma mater!) ;)
Don’t blame me, if u don’t find anything useful here ;)

Anyway, getting back to the whole blog story: Once the account was created, the obvious question which cropped up in my "little head" was -

"what should I write about?!"

trust me, I am still thinking!
Hopefully, I’ll come up with some crap soon :D

Hmmm, not to disappoint the readers (who have come this far to read my maiden blog!), I’ll say- many things in our day to day life goes unheard, not coz' people don’t have time for others but for the simple reason that people are preoccupied with their own "stuff".

... Here I go - to express the unsaid! :)

Take Care !