Turn-off Factor

Saturday, September 20, 2008
It's been 5 minutes that he left my place.
But I still feel his presence. Wonder if its the centralized AC which
makes me feel that way or just the stupid nose of mine which is not letting go the air it breathed just few minutes ago.

'He', my colleague just walked over to say the final Good bye before quitting the company. Everything was fine until he opened his mouth. I literally had to push my chair 4 feet back from it's original position. The gush of wind can have so much of an impact.
BAD breath !!
God! It's such a turn off factor!!

How can one not know how to brush properly ?? Is it the lack of Dentist camps in school days which make people careless ? or is it simply laziness ?!

How can the 'close' friends, parents, relatives choose not to complain ? Don't they find it disgusting?
If not them, who can really tell them that they need to see the dentist IMMEDIATELY for a clean up!?
God Bless ALL.

Did Sleeping beauty have the habit of brushing twice?!
I'll assume she did; otherwise Prince charming wouldn't have cared, dared or even risked a kiss!

What should i name this now ??

Sunday, September 07, 2008
I am bad at Naming! Be it for a pet, a post or a blog. I feel it's something i am absolutely bad at!!
I struggle (n struggle n struggle). But never find a name that satisfies me (or others

Initially, I had named my blog
krypticsilence, with a justification that 'silence is cryptic'!! Though that's true but the name originated from the fact that i was reading 'Cryptography' that time, when the lightning struck and i decided to name my blog krypticsilence!

Well past is past and it's swirlingchocolate now (I know, i know, u know cuz u are already here reading all this!).

Let me end this gibberish post with an highly uninteresting pic of swirlingchocolate.

Love :)

Bachna ae Haseeno!!

.. No shpelling mistake there, just some original lingual mishtake from the guy who was selling the tickets in black!
Got the tickets in black, but it was worth it. Jam packed theatre, with crowd hooting every now and then, made it even more entertaining!

I call this movie a typical ‘Bollywood Masala’.
The Exotic locations, catchy songs, one Hero with looks and skills, overly flaunted with 3 beautiful ladies! Does the director need anything more to make the movie a hit? (Of course, he needs a Producer!!)

So what’s the story all about?!
Simple, it’s Bhel Puri of DDLJ, Salaam Namaste and Yashraj magic.
Ranbir Kapoor (Raj) seems to have only one goal – Woo woman, whoever walks into his life by chance, by mistake. He impresses and wins over, but only to ditch them later. When his ‘original’ love gets rejected, he realises his mistakes and decides to go tell them ‘Sorry’.
Though the story is most of the times predictable it keeps the viewers entertained. Surely, a ‘paisa-wasool’ flick.

One thing I find common in Yashraj movies is ‘the Decade history for a ticket’ – What I mean is the story in the movie will start in 1996 and but end after a decade. Remember, Veer (SRK) waiting for Zaara (Preity) for 20 years? *yawn*

Anyway, I would rate this one 7.5/10
Why 7.5? (Especially that .5?)

1. Cuz’ I took a mean of 7 and 8.
2. The Exotic locations! Colourful Songs!
3. Aging of Ranbir looks natural in the movie. With specs and formals he looks older.
4. For Kunal Kapoor :D :D

The So- So factor about the movie?
1. The Reel-Real couple
2. The predictable storyline
3. The Theatre seats!! :|

Go ahead, watch it if you still haven’t!
Cyaaaa ! :)