The Deep Contrast

Sunday, August 19, 2007

.. I was 'busy' checking my not so very important mails, when a guy approached me from behind and wished "Hello Maam!!". It took me a second to realize that he was one of my ex-colleagues, who had recently quit the company. He had come with an invitation card. It was his wedding card.

First, He invited me courteously for his wedding. Then the next thing what he said, made me ponder. Even before I could ask what the girl did, from where she was, he said "you know the girl"!
I started wondering who this person could be... but before I could flex my brains, he said he was tying the knot with Ratna (name changed).

Though the name sounded familiar, I wasn't sure if the lady whom I was thinking about was the same. To help me out he took out his mobile, to show the picture of the woman he was all set to marry. The moment I saw the picture, I recognized her. In the pic, Ratna was holding a kid. Not knowing how to continue with the conversation, I asked him "Who is this Kid”?!
Without taking more than a second he answered ".. She is widow".

That single sentence was enough to tell me about their story. The story of Ratna, her kid and the new person in her life.

To me it was commendable cuz not everyone is Arun Nayar or Liz Hurley. These people are not from the High Society. But from the class, to which to the common man belongs to… the Middle class.

But unfortunately, not every time everyone is lucky…

Recently, my friend was talking about her cousin who had been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, after an year of married life. The Girl's Parents didn’t want their son-in-law to carry 'the burden' as they thought they were newly married and he had a long way to go in his life ! Finally, it was left to the guy to make a decision about his life.

He decided and decided to say quits.
The fairy tale ended with a Divorce.

I wonder what the girl would have done if her husband was in her position... Taken care of her husband or just abandoned him?

Considering and keeping in mind the Indian society, the culture, I’ll am sure the woman would have stood by her man. At least, thats what happens most commonly in most of the cases, specifically the middle class.

I am not blaming the society or the guy for what he did… Cuz 'to judge' who is right, who should have done what and what not, will be the easiest thing to do.. I’ll just leave it here depicting the Deep contrast in our society...

If you see closely and happen to see an unlucky divorcee on one side, you'll definitely end up seeing a 'Lucky' widow on the other.. !

Best Wishes.