Publicity Stunt

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Osho Chappals

Monday, February 01, 2010

"Osho chappals" - The Latest, Trendiest thing which every common girl wears nowadays. BUT the worst thing about these chappals is that these just give NO GRIP!!

I am writing my grievances against the osho makers!! Why can't they provide a little more grip to the soles!! I was walking down the stairs when my chappals and not Me lost the grip !! I slipped 4 stairs and had a real humpty dumpty fall :(

Within seconds people around came running to see if i was 'ok'. I just got up, confused for a second and then said - "I am glad, my spine is still intact!!" :|
How embarrassing!

My Current Condition!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Chiggy-Wiggy n Masakali

Monday, November 23, 2009
What exactly does "Chiggy-Wiggy" mean ?? *If u have heard the song!*
Is there any difference between "Chiggy Wiggy" of Kylie Minogue and that of Akshay Kumar (sonu Nigam)??

.. I was pondering, listening to Chiggy-Wiggy when i heard something approaching me .. it sounded like a helicopter!! I turned to see if it was really a helicopter but to my surprise it was a Pigeon!! This Stupid, Silly one attacked me and wanted to take my Ipod away! I SCREAMED cuz I got scared!! & the Pigeon got Scared cuz I Screamed!!

Wonder, what the hell was it thinking when it saw Me - Stationary Rock or a Statue??
MY HIGH decibel levels saved me, But scared the poor Masakali. It got scared, crashed landed on the floor, turned, struggled and finally relaunched itself in the open sky!! :

The Damage done - 2 scratch marks on my arm and a slight dent on my Ipod!!

On a second thought, thank god, the silly one didn't try this on me!!

Gender Bias ?!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009
Ullu ke patthe!! (Son of an owl!!)
Gadhe ki aulaad !! (Son of a Donkey!!)

You would have seen/heard these monologues when an angry Father scolds his Son..
But have you ever heard a Mother scolding her son "You SOB" ??

:D :D

All u got to have is MONEY!

Sunday, September 20, 2009
Nursery - 2 years
Schooling - 12 years
Engineering Degree - 4 years
Work Experience - 3 years

Proof of the above qualification?? - Rs.200 (Rs. 100 for stamp paper + Rs 25 for the Stamps + Rs. 75 for the Advocate).

.. Do not bother to carry the certificates to a Notary for an affidavit cuz no one checks.
BUT DO NOT forget to carry your wallet as nothing works in India without Money!



Thursday, August 20, 2009
I am sure by now, We all have had too much of H1N1 news! If not physically, everyone has been affected MENTALLY with the Swine flu!

Few interesting facts about the flu:

1. Getting off(leave) at work has now become simpler. Sneeze/cough heavily in your Boss's cabin and he/she will send you home!

2. Barack Obama does not have swine flu. This rumor went around after the tour guide Obama met in Mexico died, but not of swine flu.

3. Swine flu inpires new video game(s)!! Can u beat that??!

4. Expecting a mask will protect from swine flu is like believing the fisherman's net will protect one from the mosquitoes!

5. Swine flu Holidays = Watching Pending Movies

6. If flu catches a celebrity, It's called Celebrity swine flu!

7. The most commonly used search engine used to cough up 31,800,000 articles on swine flu before i wrote this post.

8. I don't like giving FREE publicity to any website but just could stop myself from sharing this video!

9 The difference between swine kiss and a swine flu kiss!