I caught Myself staring!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

I see him. But thankfully, he doesn't see me seeing him. That gives me the courage to see him again.
He is busy. I see him again to see what keeps him so busy. It is his iphone. Possibly, it is a movie that keeps him busy. Though physically occupying the side upper berth in the train but he is pre-occupied in his own world. He is traveling alone, but definitely ain't lonely. The volume is high and i hear a language which i am not familiar with. He is a foreigner, possibly German or French (Now, That is most common guesses i make!) ;)

Only when i decide to look elsewhere, he does something; and holds my attention. He Smiles.. gently, innocently looking at his iphone. Then all of sudden, his smile turns into a chuckle!
While seeing all this, i momentarily realize just one thing.. All the while, unknowingly, i had been smiling too!
An infectious smile!

He continues to watch the movie and i decide to stop (staring & typing on my phone!) hit the bed.. errr .. i mean the berth ..!
Night! :)

In the Morning, I spoke to him.
This gentleman found opening the Indian Railway door difficult.
Well, i don't blame him for this!
Unlocking doors in Indian trains require some logical thinking.. !
Don't you think so ? :)