Thursday, August 20, 2009
I am sure by now, We all have had too much of H1N1 news! If not physically, everyone has been affected MENTALLY with the Swine flu!

Few interesting facts about the flu:

1. Getting off(leave) at work has now become simpler. Sneeze/cough heavily in your Boss's cabin and he/she will send you home!

2. Barack Obama does not have swine flu. This rumor went around after the tour guide Obama met in Mexico died, but not of swine flu.

3. Swine flu inpires new video game(s)!! Can u beat that??!

4. Expecting a mask will protect from swine flu is like believing the fisherman's net will protect one from the mosquitoes!

5. Swine flu Holidays = Watching Pending Movies

6. If flu catches a celebrity, It's called Celebrity swine flu!

7. The most commonly used search engine used to cough up 31,800,000 articles on swine flu before i wrote this post.

8. I don't like giving FREE publicity to any website but just could stop myself from sharing this video!

9 The difference between swine kiss and a swine flu kiss!

The Butterfly

Friday, August 14, 2009

I saw him flutter his wings for the last time..
Saw him struggle to make his last flight possible..
He tried his best..
But it had already been destined by the Almighty..
& He had already made his final flight for the life time..

I sat there.. watching him,
Wondering, if he had had the best last flight he wanted to ..?
Wondered, if he had the chance to taste the sweetest nectar which he ever wanted to..?!
Wondered, if he had done EVERYTHING he had ever wished to..!
"Had He?".. wondered I ..

Our life no different than the ones with the beautiful wings..
Don't wait, spread your wings, Better fly ..
than being a butterfly..