I am Getting Married

Monday, February 26, 2007

Actually, I am Not.
But this is what my friend said when he called up. It was quite unexpected ; Hez just 22 . For convenience, I'll call him K.

* My mobile starts Singing errrr... Ringing *

Me : Hello ...
K : Hi !!! How are you ?!
Me : Hieeeeeee !! * with those extra 'e's *
I'm fine, How about u? :D
How come u dialed this number ?!
Any Good news ?! Getting Married ?!? ;P :D

K : Hey, actually Yes ! :)
Me : HUH ?! WHAT ?! Are u kidding , U serious ?
K : YES , i am getting married *this time firmly*

*awkward silence*
Me : ahhmmm, errrr... Is it ?!
Are u sure ?! :-? (I know that was kinda weird to ask !!)

K : Yes !! Really... I'm serious
Me: Cool re, Congrats !! :)
K : Thanks !! :)

Me : So...what does the girl do ?? working ?
K : Yeah, shez working , Software engineer... Same age.
Me : Wow!! Thats even better ! ;)

*then the free 'gyan'(knowledge); Knowledge Transfer!!*
It's really good that u've decided to get married (so) early in life ;
Especially with someone of the same age group ... I'm so happy for you..
Hearty Congratulations ! :D
K: Thank you so much ... :D

K : U tell me, When are U getting married ?? :D *teasingly*

Me : ME ??! :o
No Way!!
...Not now, not atleast for the next 4-5 years...
When i get married, i am sure u'll come with your kids ( n wife ofcourse) !! :P

*laughs* adap paavee (U naughty in Tamil ?!) :D :D
ME: hahaha !!

K : ok fine, when will u be coming to bang ?!
I wanna personally meet and invite u , will come to ur place and give the invitation card..
Me : Oh sure, I will be coming this weekend.
K : Fine..

Hey!! Atleast let me tell you the date ; I want U to surely make it to the wedding ... :)

Me: Obviously dear!! I will .
NO doubt about that...
when is it ?! :)

*Suspense,Excitement; I wait with my mouth open; he happens to be my one of my best pals*
K : First April


: l
*straight face*

Me : U fool!! U Idiot !! How dare U !?

I 'll kill you, wait until i catch u the next time !!

...By Then K was almost rolling on the floor...(no prizes for guessing y! :P )

He laughed :D
I Laughed :D
WE laughed

I would like to thank ALL the smileys, who made this post look so colourful :)
...without them, Life would be so difficult !

The Land of Coconuts

Monday, February 05, 2007
When it comes to traveling, even my ‘lazy’ base forgets that it is lazy.

3 days, 2 nights
Places Covered: Cochin & Munnar
Budget: It’s Free, yes FREE !! (If ur Dad happens to be ur ATM)

…We chose the bus as our mode of transport. After traveling for around eleven hours, what I first saw in Cochin was the rising sun. Crimson red reflection on the waters of Periyar(Aluva); big hoardings, advertising gold and sarees; churches filled with Sunday masses; serene atmosphere; was the first impression of this lovely place. Finally, I had made it to Kerala, one place that I always wanted to visit…

I’ll bag the Pulitzer or Noble if I don’t stop (ok, now at least let me live in delusion for sometime )!! I want to give my “Uncut Diamonds” a chance!!

What I Just Loved about Kerala:

  • The People
  • Boats (Kettuvallam (Houseboat), Speed boat)
  • The Pristine Nature
  • Banana chips
  • Coconut trees
  • The Tapered roof

Places that I visited:

  • Vaikom - the House boat & circling 26 Islands; Where the Guide pointed to one of the islands n said confidently “…on that island, 4 families stay…”. We nodded like good school students. I mean even if he had told us that one the elephants on that island gave birth to a donkey by mistake, we had no other go; but to nod (with no option to cross check).

  • Munnar - Hilly Terrain, the Tea gardens (I wanted to roll on them; I still want to; Hope i will one day)
  • Mattupetty Lake & the Speed Boat
  • Cherai Beach
  • Synagogue n the Dutch Museum
    It has a * Phoren Effect *

    The streets give the “not in India” effect. More foreigners, less Indians

What’s different in Kerala:

  • Jeera Water (water which has been boiled with some Jeera(cumin seeds) in it)
  • Vegetables are costlier than fishes.
  • MG Road is deserted on Sundays and almost ALL shops are closed

What I can’t forget about Kerala:

  • The Waiter, he banged the coffee cups on our table. I guess he was unhappy cuz we wanted coffee ONLY.
  • The Guide, who enlightened us with the knowledge like - “this is the Tulsi Plant”!!
  • Masala Dosas, which I struggled to finish cuz’ I didn’t quite like the taste of coconut oil.
  • The Battle which I fought with the Battalion of Mosquitoes.
    Sadly, They Won :(
  • But Hey!! I did manage to take “My khoon ka badlaa”(Revenge for my Blood?!) by massacring 4 Mosquitoes in the bathroom the next day.

What one should NOT forget when going to Kerala:

  • Camera
  • Dhoti (or a colourful Lungi)
  • Mosquito Repellent. (Thanks to which I survived the second night! :))
  • Purpose of writing this post:
    Fighting Boredom in Office. Blogging is better than reading JSP.

    Love :)