The Ladies Loo

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Hi! Does anyone still come here? Don't know about you but at last I am here after a very long time.

Q: So what kept me away?
1. Work?
2. WORK!
3. All of the Above

Naah! It’s Simple... it's the fourth option - My laziness! :D

Anyway, Bad that I am back. Because that means more silly stuff from my end.

If it's about life, I am sure my dear readers will come back with Long POSTS in my comment box (Right?!) :)
If it's about jokes... Well... I am not worried them 'cuz nobosy understands them usually other than me. (Now FYI - that was another joke)

Getting back to business - "The Ladies Loo"

.. It's the book which brings me here (which I found had a more interesting title than the content!). "The Men's Guide to the Women's Bathroom" - Interesting? The book will definitely interest guys more as the author writes about the things what we, ladies generally do in the Women's loo. I mean the "other" things than the usual business.

Like -
1. Gossip about the latest flicks. How bad they are or at least for what and why we like hero(s) more than heroine(s).
2. About cosmetics, Clothes, Jewellery...
3. About Guys :) Yes, I accept we do!
4. Attend Calls. I mean especially the important 'Phone' calls!!
5. Crib about anything like the AC, Food, Boss. Now, this place is safe ONLY if one doesn't have a Lady Boss! :)
... Blah Blah.

Whatever it is, I am sure the Girl's Loo is definitely a more relaxing one than the Guy's!

Q: What makes me say that?

1. You will never find any author coming up with book titled "The Women's Guide to the Men's Bathroom"! :
2. Personal experience - ALL Thanks to the Misleading Toilet Signs, I happened to visit this place once.
3. All of the Above?

Ans - Option 3.

Luckily, 'this' place was empty. I call it 'Lucky' because finding something there could had been definitely more embarrassing!!