Chiggy-Wiggy n Masakali

Monday, November 23, 2009
What exactly does "Chiggy-Wiggy" mean ?? *If u have heard the song!*
Is there any difference between "Chiggy Wiggy" of Kylie Minogue and that of Akshay Kumar (sonu Nigam)??

.. I was pondering, listening to Chiggy-Wiggy when i heard something approaching me .. it sounded like a helicopter!! I turned to see if it was really a helicopter but to my surprise it was a Pigeon!! This Stupid, Silly one attacked me and wanted to take my Ipod away! I SCREAMED cuz I got scared!! & the Pigeon got Scared cuz I Screamed!!

Wonder, what the hell was it thinking when it saw Me - Stationary Rock or a Statue??
MY HIGH decibel levels saved me, But scared the poor Masakali. It got scared, crashed landed on the floor, turned, struggled and finally relaunched itself in the open sky!! :

The Damage done - 2 scratch marks on my arm and a slight dent on my Ipod!!

On a second thought, thank god, the silly one didn't try this on me!!