Chiggy-Wiggy n Masakali

Monday, November 23, 2009
What exactly does "Chiggy-Wiggy" mean ?? *If u have heard the song!*
Is there any difference between "Chiggy Wiggy" of Kylie Minogue and that of Akshay Kumar (sonu Nigam)??

.. I was pondering, listening to Chiggy-Wiggy when i heard something approaching me .. it sounded like a helicopter!! I turned to see if it was really a helicopter but to my surprise it was a Pigeon!! This Stupid, Silly one attacked me and wanted to take my Ipod away! I SCREAMED cuz I got scared!! & the Pigeon got Scared cuz I Screamed!!

Wonder, what the hell was it thinking when it saw Me - Stationary Rock or a Statue??
MY HIGH decibel levels saved me, But scared the poor Masakali. It got scared, crashed landed on the floor, turned, struggled and finally relaunched itself in the open sky!! :

The Damage done - 2 scratch marks on my arm and a slight dent on my Ipod!!

On a second thought, thank god, the silly one didn't try this on me!!


Aks said...

Birdshit Bombing !! ROFL :D

Raks said...

...Poor Masakali!! He was only trying to cover up ARR's blunder!Save you those 15 mins...

a)5 mins listening to the song..
b)5 mins wondering what the hell the song meant and what misfortune might have possibly befallen Rahman before he could compose something like tht
c)..the next 2 deleting the song and promising yourself never to torture yourself again..
d)..and finally cursing why someone had not warned you before!

...Anyway long story short! Bhalai ka Zamana hi nahin raha....