The ink on my finger!

Sunday, May 11, 2008
At last!
I used the right i have been gifted with - 'The Right to vote' ! :)

Like any other first time voter, i too had my apprehensions about the procedure of voting. I had questions like -
- How to vote?
- What's the procedure?
- Which button to press!?

I felt like a child. It made me feel as if i was standing in a queue for an exam or a viva voce..!
But at the end, except for the looooooong beep from voting machine which made me feel a little scared, rest all turned out to be simple and fine.
(Now, that was because i had pressed and held the button too long)

.. the ink on my finger fades away but i wanted to put here for rememberance.

Have u voted?
Write to me if u need some coaching classes on that.
It's absolutely FREE !! :D

What to gift ??

Sunday, May 04, 2008
When it comes to deciding 'Birthday' & 'Anniversary' Gifts, I really do
sweat for the small stuff. Be it a for a guy or girl, I never find it easy to come up with the best Gift !

Plus, I feel one has to be carefully choosing 'gifts'. I feel classify them broadly into two different categories - Personal and General.

Personal -
For the dear ones... people whom you can gift just anything! Gifting 'Perfumes/Deo/Shirts/T-Shirts' to your colleagues can be risky, as it gives them a chance to draw unnecessary conclusions! ;-)

4 May is approaching and I struggle to find the 'Ideal' gift for my dear friend. I seek my other 'Resourceful' friend and ask him for his suggestions. Our Conversation -

Me - Do you guys like the idea of flowers?
He - Naaaaaaah!! We don’t!!
We generally like stuff which is "Useful”!

Me - yeah, I understand... even I don’t understand why guys think girls always like Teddy's. receiving 3 'Teddy's' on a single birthday can make one really crazy!
So what else can u suggest?

He - Shaving kit
Me - Okay... what else?
How about Perfume/Deo?
He - Yeah... Deos are the best!
Me - o k .. He might like it then..
He - Pen
He - Comb
Me - :|
How will I know the kind of 'Comb' he likes/wants!!

He - Does he play any instrument?
Me - Naah! He is not that talented!! :P

@ My Friend whoz birthday is approaching - Don't kill me for this, I just meant you don't play instruments!!)

Me - Nail Polish?? ;D
He - :
Me - Don't you guys have such fantasies like applying some weird color on your nails, ever?? :D
He - NO !!

Back to square one !!

I ended up getting few more ideas like-
- Books
- Clothes
- Accessories - sounds good!
- Bottle of champagne ( No idea if he has tried that before! )
- T Shirts

But when it comes to gifting people abroad, sending gifts online is i guess the best. If you have run out time/cash, you can definitely look for some e-cards.
Now that's what I finally settled for :
( but, I do intend to pay back with interest next time :) )

.. Happy Birthday Dear!! :D
This post is especially for to you :)
Lots of love